Block: Blocking is a defensive skill used to counter a spike coming from close to the net. Block is usually made by jumping in the air and raising a leg and/or back to divert the ball back into the opponents court. A block counts as one contact.

Center Line: Divides the length of the playing court into two equal halves.

Dig: The act of fielding hard hit ball successfully, usually a spike or block, to regain control. i.e. The Dig by Thailand came at crucial point in the game..

Dink: A soft hit ball -usually either a "dink serve" or a "dink spike" Fault: A violation of one of the rules of the game.

Feeder: Person who "sets" the ball to the "spiker".

First Ball: Term used to describe receiving the serve by the opposing team.

Killer: Same as Spiker. Common in international terminology.

Quarter Circle: Place on court where the serving team's forwards (left inside and right inside players) must remain until the ball has been kicked by the server or back player.

Regu: Malaysian word for team. In takraw, a team of 4 players (3 starters plus 1 reserve) is known as a "Regu" and a squad of 3 "Regu's is known as a "Team".

Roll Spike: Spike in which the player jumps with his back to the net, rotates in the air and kicks the ball over the opposite shoulder from the kicking foot with a flip like motion. The most dramatic and famous move in the game!

Service Over: When the serving team fails to return the ball over the net or commits a fault or foul. The opposing team becomes the serving team but a point is not awarded to either team. USA also uses the same term as volleyball - "Side Out".

Serving Circle: Circle of 1 foot radius located in both halves of the court. The server is required to have one foot touching the ground inside the serving circle during a serve.

Set (1): A period of play which is concluded when one team reaches 15 points. Matches consists of the best of three sets.

Set (2): A high pass by one player to a team-mate or to self to enable a spike.

Service: The act of putting the ball into play by the back player.

Service (Hand) Toss: A hand throw of the ball by one of the forward "inside" players to the "back" who must kick the ball into play in one try.

Spike: A powerfully hit shot directed into the opponents half of the court by the foot or head.

Sunback Spike: Spike in which the player jumps with his back to the net and kicks the ball over the same shoulder as the kicking foot. In soccer this is known as a "bicycle kick" or "bike" for short.


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