These rules are from the "The International Sepak Takraw Congress." To view the complete list of the rules, please click on the reference above.

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The Net, ball, players, officials, serving side during serve, & the scoring system.

The Court

  • Area of 13.4 m x 6.1 m free from all obstacles up to the height of 8 m measured from the floor surface (Sand and grass court not advisable).
  • The width of the lines bounding the court should not be more than 0.04 m measured and drawn inwards from the edge of the court measurements. All the lines should be drawn at least 3.0 m away from all obstacles.
  • The Center Line The Center line of 0.02 m should be drawn equally dividing the right and left court.
  • The Quarter Circle At the corner of each at the center line, the quarter circle shall be drawn from the side line to the center line with a radius of 0.9 m measured and drawn outwards from the edge of the 0.9 m radius.
  • The Service Circle The service circle of 0.3 m radius shall be drawn on the left and on the right court, the center of which is 2.45 m from the back line of the court and 3.05 m from the side lines, the 0.04 m line shall be measured and drawn outward from the edge of the 0.3 m radius.

The Net

  • The net shall be made of fine ordinary cord or nylon with 0.06 m to 0.08 m mesh. The net shall be 0.7m in width and not shorter than 6.10 m in length and taped at 0.05 m from tape double at the top and side line, called boundary tape.
  • The net shall be edged with 0.05 m tape double at the top and the bottom of the net supported by a fine ordinary cord or nylon cord that runs through the tape and strain over and flush with the top of the posts. The top of the net shall be 1.52 m (1.42 m for women) in height from the center and 1.55 m (1.45 m for women's) at the posts.


The Ball

The Sepak takraw ball shall be spherical of one woven layer having 12 holes, 20 intersections. It shall be made of synthetic fiber or natural rattan. If it is made of rattan, it shall consist of 9-11 strains. The circumference shall not be less than 0.42 m and not more than 0.44m (0.43 m to 0.45m for women). The weight before play shall not be less than 170 gm and not more than 180 gm (150 gm to 160 gm for women). 



The Players

  • The game is played between two "Regu's" consisting of three players on each side.
  • One of the three players shall be at the back and he is called "Back".
  • The other two players shall be in front, one on the left and the other on the right. The player on the left is called "Left Inside" and the player on the right is called "Right Inside".

The Officials

The game shall be managed by the following officials:
  • 1 Official referee
  • 2 Umpires
  • 6 Linesmen (4 Side Line and 2 Base Line)


The Serving Side During Service

  • The "Inside" player who is making service throws, plays about with the ball, (throwing up the ball, bumping, giving to other "Inside" player, etc.) after the call of score has been made by the umpire.
  • The "Inside" player lifts his feet or steps on the line or crosses over or touches the net while throwing the ball.
  • The "Back" player, while kicking the service ball, the other foot does not touch the ground or steps on the service circle line.
  • The "Back" player does not kick the ball on the service throw.
  • The ball touches his/her own player before crossing over to the opponent court.
  • The ball goes over the net but falls outside of the court.
  • The ball does not cross over to the opponent side.
  • Receiving Side During Service To create distracting manner or noise or shouts at the his opponent.
  • For Both Sides During The Game
    1. Stepping on the center line.
    2. Any player who touches the ball on the opponent side.
    3. Any part of player's body crosses over into opponent's court whether above or under the net except during the follow-through of the ball.
    4. Playing the ball more than 3 times in succession.
    5. The ball touches the arm.
    6. The ball rolls over the body.
    7. Stopping or holding the ball under the arm, between the legs or body.
    8. Any part of the body or player's outfits e.g. shoes, jersey, head band etc., touches the net or the post or the umpire's chairs or falls into the opponent's side.
    9. The ball touches the ceiling, roof or the wall (any objects).
    10. Any player who delays the game unnecessarily.


Scoring System

  1. The winning point for a set is a maximum of 15 points.
  2. To allow for 2 minutes rest at the end of the first and second set respectively.
  3. If each "Regu" wins one set, the game shall be decided in the third set called "Tie Break".
  4. Before the tie-break set takes place, the umpire shall toss a disc or coin, and the side winning the toss shall serve first.
  5. The changes of side will occur when one "Regu' reaches 3 points.


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