Before we take you into the rules of sepak takraw, it is important that you learn about the equipment needed to play the game and the terminology you will encounter as you come to understand the sport. 

Takraw Balls: 

    Takraw Balls were originally woven from rattan. In 1982 a Thai engineer revolutionized the sport by introducing woven synthetic (plastic) balls. Today, almost all players around the world are using synthetic takraw balls. 

How to Select a Takraw Ball for Players: 

Weight: Takraw balls range in weight from 140 grams to 200 grams. Normally younger and beginner players begin with lighter balls and move up in weight. For advanced players the optimal weight for advanced Sepak Takraw balls is 175 grams. Some people use heavier balls for additional spring or when playing outdoors in order to minimize the effect of the wind. 

The Weave: The tightness of the weave of takraw balls determine the spring, bounce and speed. A "soft" ball has less bounce. A "hard" ball will have maximum bounce. 

Official Takraw Balls: 

The official ISTAF Sepak Takraw ball for Tournament play is the: 

Marathon MT201

Recommended Footwear: 

    In takraw, the most important piece of equipment other than the ball itself is the athletes footwear. Most players prefer to kick in court shoes. They are popular mainly because of their support and flat surface at the instep, unlike the flared sole of a running shoe. 

Popular makes/models include: 

        Nan Yang 
        Adidas - "Stan Smith" 
        Converse "All Stars" 

    In general, any lightweight athletic footwear with a flat instep will work efficiently. Players will have to learn and adapt the touch of the ball on contact with their footwear by trial and error.


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