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    Kansas City Cobras, a team of the unknown.   It wasn't long until four (4) players gathered together to form a team, now known as the "COBRAS".  We just don't know how we did it, but in terms of exercising and recreation, takraw was all we had in mind.


   Takraw is challenging and fun, yet simple to play. One good player must utilize his/her skills to the maximum extent so that they can be aware of the ball.  Takraw originated from Thailand, who is now a leading country in this sport and during the Asian Games which they have each year. Takraw started out using a rattan ball, then came along a Thai engineer who fully redesigned the ball in a synthetic plastic ball. The ball has to be woven tightly so that it can bounce a lot better, feel harder, and the speed of the ball is exceptionally good and it meets the requirements of the ISTAF (International Sepak Takraw Federation).


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