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Vang, Nou

     Nou is the main killer for the Cobras.  He has since played for the team named "Guardian Sepak Takraw" in Minnesota during the July 4 tournament every year.  He is also a feeder.  In his youth years, he has played tremendously well and has adopted new techniques used by professional takraw players in Thailand to overcome his opponents in competition.

     Leng is the main feeder for the Cobras.  He has assumed the position and having the will to play the position; therefore, feeding is his only position.   In this position, it takes time and practice to get the ball where you want it to go, most importantly, knowing where the ball will hit on the side of your feet when you set it up.

     To contact Leng, click on his name under his photo.

Yang, Leng
Feeder/Site Manager

Lor, Lai

     Following Leng's position stands Lai's position.  He is also a killer like Nou.  His kick is a jump up, curl in mid-air and jamming the ball 7-10 inches before him.  Although, at times, his kicks are not powerful, they can be very effective at close range and right timings.

      Cheng is another killer.  His kicks are a lot more like the Thai players.  Due to insufficient energy, kicks like his will not last as long.  Although, proved to be very effective and hard to block, this kind of kick is considered to be the best in a takraw tournament.

     To contact Cheng, click on his name under his photo.

Yang, Cheng

    Team Cobra consists of four (4) players.  We have three main (3) killers and one (1) main feeder.  Positions are switched back and forth regarding the situation, but the main feeder always stays his position.  Player information is listed below along with their individual positions.

1. Nou Vang Killer/Feeder
2. Leng Yang Feeder
3. Lai Lor Killer
4. Cheng Yang Killer

    Team Cobra started out in late 1992, practicing from then on and going to small tournaments for a tryout, they would then start from then on.  They now consist of 4 players which is called a regu in Malaysia which means team. Cobra has three (3) killers and one (1) main feeder. Nou Vang, an expert who has played and trained while staying in the refugee camp in Ban Vinai, Thailand is the head coach of all four cobras. The team practices as much as they can during the spring and summer time because of lack of time of the players and circumstances such as the weather.  While just beginning to form the team, the Cobras won two games and a loss of one against the Triple Dragons of Minnesota at the Green Bay, Wisconsin tournament in September of 1999. With a full draw back, they came back to Wisconsin, and this time into LaCrosse defeating team LaCrosse in the finals and took first place. I am proud to present the Team Cobra of Kansas City to honor the times we've share as a team and as a family. We've been through a lot and so I would like to dedicate website is dedicated to this magnificent team.


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